Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness 

We are a network of qualified and registered Metaphysical Practitioners
Teachers, offering counselling and training.



Welcome to the Metaphysical Society. Our aim is to help people awaken to their True Spiritual nature and share a deeper appreciation of the Universal Power that surrounds and enfolds us all.

This power works continuously through set laws and principles. Until we become aware of how these laws work, we unwittingly create conflict and difficulties. However when this knowledge is understood and applied, it is possible to enjoy a more harmonious experience of life and improved relationships with those around us. These teachings are practical and highly relevant to the issues we all face.

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We offer Metaphysical counselling services to clients, helping them to shed new light on challenging situations and everyday issues. We use a range of psychological and spiritual solutions, to help the client gain personal breakthroughs, deeper insights and a fresh approach to any problem.

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We  are also a training faculty, where we pass on these transformative principles  and teachings to students. People often study with us for their own personal  growth and deeper awareness. Or the training courses can lead onto professional  Metaphysical Practitioner/ Counsellor or Facilitator qualifications, where you  are able to offer these services to the public. Full course notes are provided  and anyone is welcome to apply, regardless of whether they wish to practice  professionally. Although this training is particularly suited to alternative  health practitioners wishing to extend their skill set.

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Metaphysics is a set of spiritually based teachings, which offer a framework for understanding life and awakening to our place in the Universe.

The Metaphysics we teach here, is unique and eclectic. It distils wisdom from a wide range of Spiritual teachers, both ancient and modern. We have clarified this essential information, so you gain the practical 'need to know' understanding, to assist your Spiritual development. We offer practical techniques and tools to help unravel issues, and enable people to live more in harmony with life, in an awakened and down to earth way.

This is why Metaphyisics is such a versatile counselling therapy, because it helps people wherever they appear to be on their Spiritual journey, from the early stages, where there can be doubt, uncertainty and turmoil. Through to the later stages where we simply need assistance clearing an old pattern or seeing the bigger picture about an issue.


"The MSEC teachings have transformed my life......The friends I've met through the MSEC are people who've amazed me, enriched my life and enlightened me.  The support I've had both from fellow students and from my teacher has been amazing and I'm happier now than I've ever been!...." CF, London

"Many things have changed and improved in my life generally since I have studied Metaphysics : my relationships, my beliefs, my well being and my understanding of myself and others. But what has been for me the most powerful transformation is the ability to stay detached and serene, whatever happens. By detached, I mean that stressful, even dramatic situations, do not anymore have any effect on me. I am able to remain peaceful and to maintain inner happiness. This is possible because I now trust life and know, very deeply, that everything is perfect and exactly as it should be at all times. Through the Courses, I have learned happiness...." D Harris, Cornwall

"For me this course and the principles I learned throughout have simplified my life beyond measure.  I use my learning mainly for personal implementation and find that I am substantially happier and feel more complete as a result.  I would and have recommended it to everyone I know."   M H, Lanzarote

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